Locking systems

General information

Locking systems are an essential aspect of building and room surveillance. A wide range of locking systems is available on the market, and can be selected depending on the intended use and requirements. Mechanical locking systems remain a popular method of securing buildings, with the cylinder lock being the best-known mechanism. However, electronic locking systems are becoming increasingly popular. These systems allow users to open and close doors with transponders, cards or codes. Over time, locking system manufacturers have continuously developed their security technologies to improve building security and prevent break-ins.


iLOQ is a digital locking and access control system that utilises proprietary technology, in order provide high security and keyless access control solutions. The system utilises kinetic energy generated by inserting and turning the key and, therefore, requires no batteries or cables. The iLOQ system is extremely flexible and scalable, thereby allowing organisations to manage a large number of locks and users from one central platform. It is also compatible with existing access control systems, making it easy for organisations to improve their security without having to redevelop the entire system. The system is designed for various industries – including commercial, residential and public sectors, to provide users with maximum comfort, flexibility and peace of mind.

iLOQ S50

Longevity. Efficiency. The iLOQ S50 is the world’s first (and only) NFC-powered locking cylinder that draws the required energy from a smartphone



Discover how the locking cylinders are powered by kinetic energy generated when the key is inserted – without the need for batteries or cables.