iLOQ S50

The iLOQ S50 system is ideal for utilities companies (such as power generation and distribution companies, telecommunications services and data centres) and real estate services. iLOQ S50 obtains the required energy and access rights from a smartphone. Batteries and cables are not required, thereby significantly reducing maintenance costs, eliminating battery waste and ensuring reliable operation even during power outages. 
At the centre of iLOQ S50 is a patented, NFC-operated locking cylinder. The smartphone serves as both a key and an energy source. The iLOQ S50 locking cylinder can be operated by holding the smartphone in front of the rotary knob. The locking cylinder obtains the required energy from the NFC induction and charges the two energy cells. One energy cell is required for the release to turn the knob, while another is needed for automatic locking.
Thanks to the low energy requirement that characterises the locking cylinder, thousands of locking operations can be carried out with a fully charged mobile phone.
The entire system can be managed easily and cost-effectively via the cloud-based iLOQ Manager. Access rights to the software are authenticated both with personal login data and with an iLOQ programming token as a security instrument.