ProxiPen data recording device

The proven offline guard control system
In an age characterised by the rapid exchange of information, not only large but also small companies require modern data acquisition and identification systems. The ProxiPen is compact, lightweight and easy to use, as it recognises RFID tags and other transponders automatically and without any operating elements on the reading pen. The electronic inner workings of the ProxiPen are encapsulated in an impact-resistant plastic housing. The low rate of power consumption by the electronics enables long periods of use in the field without the need for intermediate read-outs.

The compact reading pen for RFID tags
The ProxiPen data recording device has a built-in sensor that recognises RFID tags. If you bring the ProxiPen with its reading head close to a transponder, the unique code stored in the tag is read automatically and without contact. Control points, events, objects (inventory), people or activities can be assigned to an RFID tag. An optical and an acoustic signal confirm the correct data storage. The TopGuard Patrol software is easy to use, and requires only basic Windows® knowledge to set up the ProxiPen, create master files and analyse recorded data.

The ProxiPen is also available as a low-cost starter pack.

  • 1 ProxiPen data recording device
  • 1 ProxiPen data transfer unit incl. USB cable
  • 20 CSS transponders 30mm
  • 1 TopGuard software (alternatively also available with DatixSuite)