OKKI – The mobile key cabinet for installation in your vehicle

What is the OKKI?
This is a key cabinet that can be installed and removed in the car, allowing even a large number of keys to be transported safely.

How does it work?
The docking station is attached to the vehicle and the cabinet is quickly and easily attached to the docking station using a quick-release fastener.

How many keys can I take with me in the cabinet?
There are two different sizes of OKKI key cabinets.The smaller cabinet can hold 98 keys and the larger cabinet 147 keys.

Why buy an OKKI key cabinet?
The keys must be stored securely and remain easily accessible in the vehicle. This also saves time and money. The small spatial requirement and the versatility of OKKI key cabinets make it possible to accommodate several key cabinets within a small car, and also to carry a large number of keys in the car.