OKKI – Key manager 98 keys, lock, left

Key manager 98 keys, lock, left

Mobile key management for vehicles!The OKKI key management system facilitates the transport and storage of keys, thereby leading to cost savings in key management.

The OKKI key management system fulfils the key security guidelines issued by the Federation of Finnish Financial Services in 2010. The system is protected by utility model right no. 10277 of the Finnish Patent and Registration Office.

The OKKI key management system was developed for the security and property industry, as well as for companies operating in the health and care sector. The small spatial requirement and the versatility that characterise OKKI key cabinets and docks make it possible to install several key cabinets even in small cars and thus transport a large number of keys, which can be colour-coded and sorted, thereby making it easier to sort the keys to the corresponding key positions. The Pole Docks installed in the passenger footwell are height and tilt-adjustable, in order to make them easier to install and use. Thanks to the customisation of the housing and base parts, the key management system is suitable for almost all cars and vans.

  • Upholstered cabinet with 98 key slots,
  • Quick-closing mechanism
  • Carrying handle
  • 2 key boards with 49 key slots and key holders each
  • Velcro strips for marking, 2 card sleeves
  • Dimensions: H 43cm x W 18cm x D 32cm

It is easy to remove the keys from the key boards and put them back again. The quick-release fasteners and colour-coded labels help to sort the keys and identify which key is missing.

When the housing is tilted, the keys rest on a padded rear panel, which also reduces possible rattling noises while driving. It is also possible to attach a holder for a phone, tablet, GPS device or similar on the driver’s side – either permanently or with Velcro.

The cabinets are available with two or three drawers. 49 keys can be attached to one slot. Additional key rings can be attached to the key boards.

Two to three card sleeves can be attached to a cabinet door. Furthermore, card housings can also be added to the key boards. As several keys can also be hung on one key holder, the number of keys to be transported can be increased.

The cabinet automatically locks into a dock when it is pushed into the mounting plate from the front. A cabinet can only be unlocked from the inside. The cabinet can, therefore, not be removed from the dock if the door is locked. The cabinet is usually supplied with a 231 Abloy lock or an iLOQ furniture lock.

Other locks can also be installed in the cabinet upon request

OKKI mobile key safe for storing up to 98 keys.

– Padded cabinet with quick-locking mechanism, carrying handle, 2 key boards with 49 key slots each and key holders, Velcro strips for labelling, 2 card sleeves.

– Dimensions: H 43cm x W 18cm x D 32cm, weight: 9.5 kg