KeyManager maxi

CSS – KeyManager maxi

Mechanical key managers in various designs

With a key manager from CSS, key storage problems are a thing of the past. Thanks to the clear structure behind the key manager itself, you will be able to find your keys faster and with less stress than ever before. The system can be used immediately and is available in various sizes (for 25, 50 or 100 keys). Rising energy costs are not a problem either, as the key manager operates without electricity thanks to a patented mechanism. You insert an operator stick, unlock the desired key and then simply remove it!

Organising the keys used in your company starts with a key manager. The removal and return mechanism allows the current key holder to be identified. The colour-coded or numerically marked operator stick remains in the locked retaining mechanism until the corresponding key is returned. In addition to the key manager, there is also a Device Manager based on the same mechanics as the key manager. This allows you to manage the issue of tools, for example. The Device Manager offers space for five key and operator sticks and the corresponding fastening material.

1) KeyManager maxi 100 – 100 slots with 50 user sticks
2) KeyManager maxi 100V -100 slots with 50 operator sticks, sealed
3) KeyManager basic maxi 50B – 50 slots with 25 operator sticks and dummy strips

The optimum solution for your key organisation.

  • Clear and loss-proof storage of your keys
  • Quick-paced availability for customer or employee requirements
  • Information on the whereabouts of removed keys by labelling the operator sticks
  • Fully mechanical, power-independent solution
  • Thanks to the user sticks, only authorised persons have access to your keys

incl. 100 key sticks white (numbered 1-100), 100 key seals and 50 operator sticks (numbered 1-50),

Dimensions (W x H x D) approx. 530 x 790 x 90 mm.