Key Conductor

The KeyConductor
If you would prefer to store the keys in an electronic key cabinet with fully automated inventory, then we offer you a flexible, adaptable and cost-effective solution: the KeyConductor.

In order for an employee to be able to remove keys, he/she logs into the system with his/her user name and password. Existing magnetic/Mifare cards can of course be integrated and used for registration. The key or key sets authorized for this employee light up and are unlocked for removal. To return the removed keys, the employee simply scans the barcode on the KeyCop using the barcode scanner built into the KeyConductor and the associated slot lights up. After inserting the KeyCop, it is immediately locked in the slot and can no longer be removed or its position changed subsequently.

We can only provide you with individual offers for the Key Conductor key cabinet. Have we aroused your interest? Contact us!