Datix Wi-Trak Pro

Real-time guard monitoring with GPS location transmission
Wi-Trak Pro is an innovative real-time guard control system from the Datix group of products, used for documenting security services. In contrast to classic offline guard control systems, the data is not collected and read out at the end of a round/shift, but each recording of a checkpoint is sent directly to the TourTrax real-time monitor via GPRS/GSM data transmission and analysed “in real time”. If required, the Wi-Trak Pro then transmits the GPS location data when reading checkpoints, or in the event of an alarm.

The Datix Wi-Trak Pro not only provides a real-time overview of staff activities, but also increases their security. The emergency signal button integrated in the data recording device allows the control personnel to issue an alarm call to the control centre unnoticed at any time and request help. Phone calls are also possible with the Wi-Trak. With the help of the illuminated display, the user can access the contacts stored on the SIM card and call them. Calls can also be placed, but only from fixed numbers if required. This eliminates the need for an additional company mobile phone.

DEG Datix Wi-Trak Pro-3GD Dual with GPS receiver and integrated antenna with keypad, display, GSM/GPRS transmission and GPS localisation incl. external charging station and leather holster. In order to use the device, a SIM card with a tariff for GPRS data and text messaging is required, which is not included in the price. If the device is also to be used for telephone calls, a tariff for incoming and outgoing calls must also be booked.