ActiveTrack set with GPS and RFID reader

The real-time GPS system with integrated mobile phone function
ActiveTrack is a new device for the security industry with an integrated GPS receiver and a GSM/GPRS quad-band mobile phone that facilitates bidirectional communication. By utilising a global positioning system (A-GPS), which eliminates the problems associated with simple GPS by supporting GSM/GPRS, the functional and advanced ActiveTrack can be used outside and inside buildings. The ActiveTrack combines cutting-edge technology with simple handling and offers the user numerous application options and benefits.

Modern, easy-to-use and secure – ActiveTrack
The ActiveTrack guard control system recognises and logs tampering attempts. Areas of application range from logistics centres, security services, personal protection, fire brigade, elderly and patient care, individual workplace monitoring (with situation alarm function), tracking (e.g. house arrest or parole checks), tourist protection, route planning or escort protection of high-value goods (monitoring of transport and sighting of course deviations). ActiveTrack is available with and without GPS functions.

  • Bidirectional communication device
  • Position alarm sensor, tamper detection and SMS alarm
  • A-GPS
  • High storage capacity (up to 2000 events with disconnected connection)
  • ActiveTrack data recording device with GPS and RFID reader. A SIM card with a tariff for GPRS data transmission is required to use the device (not included in the price)  
  • Charging station incl. mains adapter 
  • Unique Trasponder